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Survival for Adventure

“You may come to realise that the most
important journey is the journey inwards”

Colin Mortlock

Nature is neutral and by learning to live with the environment and climates we hold the key to survival, the most fundamental human instinct.

The human body and mind have a unique ability to cope with challenging and arduous conditions and it is to this end that the UK Survival School has developed courses and expeditions structured to provide not only the knowledge and skills to overcome such conditions, but also to give confidence to people for whom the world of adventure is yet to be discovered. There are infinite opportunities and exciting experiences to be found in the world’s remote regions, from the mountains to the deserts and the jungles to the Poles – the UK Survival School can provide the key to open that door

The School

At the UK Survival School, we aim to be innovative in the design and delivery of our courses, we believe that very few surroundings can provide a more enjoyable and better learning environment than the outdoors. Emphasis is placed on learning through experience and all courses are delivered in the format of thorough instruction and demonstration by senior instructors, leading to an opportunity for everyone to apply those skills with practical hands-on training and a chance to review your experiences.

Established in 1995 and centrally based in Hereford, England, UK courses and expeditions are currently undertaken from our training bases in the mountains and forests of the Brecon Beacons and Black Mountains in Wales, the English Lake District and the remote Trotternish and Cuillin regions of the Isle of Skye, Scotland.

Arctic, jungle, mountain, bush and desert environments training expeditions are also undertaken in locations throughout the world including Norway, Borneo, Botswana and Oman, living with and learning first hand from the Indigenous peoples of the regions including the Sami, the Kadazan Dusun, the Ncoakhe San ‘Bushmen’ and the Bedu to name just a few.

UK Survival School / Ncoakhe San “Bushmen”
Bush Environments Training
The Kalahari, Botswana, Africa

Standards & Safety – Qualified to lead

The UK Survival School training team come from a variety of backgrounds.  They are experienced and qualified leaders who have spent extended periods of time in extreme climates and remote regions throughout the world. 

Expedition and course leaders are trained and assessed to the highest standards by UK National Governing Award Bodies, it is essential that our minimum course and expedition leader criteria and standards are:

QualificationTraining/Assessment Body
1. Qualified Mountain Leader (ML).1. The Mountain Leader Training Board UK.
2. First aid – Advanced Immediate Care,
   (HSE) Approved & Expedition Medicine.
2. The Joint School for Adventurous Training         Instructors (JSATI), North Wales. 
3. Enhanced Criminal Record Certificate.3. The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB).
4. Level 3 – Off-Site Safety Management.4. Oxford Cambridge & RSA Examinations.
5. Foundation Certificate in Food Hygiene.5. Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

Safety and enjoyment is paramount, all courses and expeditions are designed and delivered in accordance to Health and Safety Executive (HSE) codes of best practice for risk assessment and management – at no time are participants left to fend for themselves in dangerous or unpleasant conditions.  The course instructors will be nearby at all times and will closely monitor progress – as we aim to promote personal achievement and confidence within the student no participants will be asked to perform tasks which will cause them fear or distress.

Students can be assured that as internationally recognised leaders in the field, the UK Survival School and its team of professional staff take pride in its reputation and modern approach to wilderness survival and expedition training – creating standards that others follow. We have taught people, both civilian and military, of all levels, who have come from all corners of the globe including not only the UK and Ireland, but also Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Hungary, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Japan, the USA, China, Canada, Australia, Spain, Israel, New Zealand, Germany, Belgium, Iran, Finland, Brazil, South Africa, Pakistan, Iraq, India, France, Norway, Zimbabwe and Mexico.